VA Teknik has become what it is today from a winding history.

It all started with the engineering company ”Ingenjörsfirman Åke Carlsson” founded by Åke Carlsson in 1965. Åke had been active with constructing different types of machines for all kinds of water treatment plants for several years within a workshop called “Borås Mekaniska Verkstad”.

When he started on his own Åke and his engineers let their machines get built at the workshop “Tage Björklunds Mekaniska”.

In 1972 Zander & Ingeström bought the company and it merged into their Water & Waste Water division. At this point Sweden was investing in many new Treatment Plants and the company grew it self into a strong position in Sweden.

In 1986 the structure within Z&I changed and the Water & Wastewater Treatment was separated and became Zander & Ingeström – VA Teknik i Borås AB. At this point VA Teknik was an established partner in Sweden and Europe lied in front to be concurred. Continuous collaborations during the 80’s made VA Teknik a known and respected partner in the rest of the Europe as well.

In 1988 the name changed to VA Teknik i Borås AB, yet there still was a strong connection to Z&I.

When Hydria Invest acquired the company they started a reorganization of the different companies within the group and amongst other the name changed to “Björklundsgruppen”, during this period there floated a lot of water under the bridge and still today some know us as that.

In 2003 the name was changed back to VA Teknik i Borås AB which was the best and most describing name of the company and its activity.

Here we are today and today we have the world as our market.