VA Teknik Sweden

VA Teknik is a Swedish Company whose name is well known on the Scandinavian Water Treatment market. The company is market leader in Sweden within sludge scrapers and other equipment for sedimentation tanks.

VA Teknik has delivered sludge scrapers all over the world to more than 4000 applications over the last 40 years.

Our engineers are always ready to help you with your needs of a safe sedimentation and trustworthy equipment for sludge removal. Rectangular or circular tanks make no difference for us! We build and we install.

We are certified according to ISO9001:2000, ISO14001:2004

Water and Waste Water Treatment

Swedish water treatment has a strong international reputation. VA Tekniks board of directors has pronounced a long term goal to maintain and build on a level of quality which exceeds this reputation.

The focus lies on increasing our business opportunities for products developed by ourselves and those whom we are resellers for.

Sludge scraping technology

Sludge separates in sedimentation tanks. Those tanks are either rectangular or circular. The type of tank is often decided by the tradition in that specific area for example in the Scandinavian countries it is very common with rectangular sedimentation tanks.

Rectangular tanks are equipped with chain-scrapers or wire-carts. The most common solution in circular tanks is the peripheral driven rotating sludge scraper with a service platform.

Besides the sludge scrapers most of the sedimentation tanks are equipped with different types of weirs and pipes all depending on process, shape of tank and which scraper is used.

Our specialty is automatic, gear motor driven scum pipes for rectangular sedimentation tanks.

Lamella sedimentation

An important substitute to the traditional sedimentation technique is lamella sedimentation.

Together with our collaboration partner Enexio (Germany) we can offer you TUBEdek®, a highly flexible sedimentation program for circular as well as rectangular tanks.

Trickling filter equipment

Rotating distributors and media for trickling filters gives you the opportunity of complete deliveries of both the media and the machines or just media or machines, all this according to your demands as the customer.

The Rotating Distributor is developed by us and it has adjustable cups (sprinklers) and an easy access maintenance hatch, this has proven to be a very secure product along with Enexio’s medias PLASdek® och BIOdek® for trickling filters. The gathered competence of VA Teknik and Enexio provides you as customer with the best possible comfortable and reliable solution when you are about to refurbish of build your trickling filters.